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Ordering & Consulting

Ordering & Consulting

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(877) 538-8388 CHK Nutrition • (8 am to 5 pm M-F central time)

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(218) 626-2220 • NeuroResearch Centers, Inc (9 am to 4 pm M-F central time)

General observations and safety considerations

  • These medical foods can be taken with or without food (food does not interfere)
  • If patient misses one dose, some patients will experience a relapse of symptoms, in which case the five days to equilibrium need to be started over from day 1.
  • If a patient experiences a relapse of symptoms, have the patient “journal” and write down all pills taken with times for ten days, no matter how adamant the patient is that no pills have been missed. Experience reveals that 98% of patients suffering symptom relapse are suffering from missing one or more daily doses of pills. Missing one dose of pills can induce a complete relapse.
  • A paradoxical reaction occurs when symptoms exacerbate the first week. Proper management should increase to the next dosing level, NOT decrease the daily medical food dosing.