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Symptoms caused by hyposerotonergic™ conditions occur when serotonin concentrations are:

Not enough · Low · Inadequate · Depleted · Deficient · Suboptimal

Symptoms associated with migraines and hyposerotonergic conditions may be identical.

Hyposerotonergic Migraine Medical Foods Bottle 1

Specially formulated and processed for the management of

Migraine-associated hyposerotonergicTM condition symptoms

the dietary management of which cannot be achieved by the optimal modification of the normal diet

Hyposerotonergic Migraine Medical Foods Bottle 1 Label


“migraine patients have low platelet 5-HT (serotonin), a sign of hyposerotonergic status of migraine”

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“we indentified low levels of serum serotonin (hyposerotonergic condition) in migraine patients”

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“migraine has been considered a syndrome of chronically low brain 5-HT (hyposerotonergic condition) levels.”

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“The low platelet serotonin in migraine reflects reduced concentration in other parts of the body (hyposerotonergic condition)”

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“We indentified low levels of serum serotonin (hyposerotonergic conditions) in migraine patients.”

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“that low serotonin levels (hyposerotonergic conditions) dilate blood vessels and initiate migraine”

Aggarwal, M. et al. Annuals of Neurosci Vol 19 No 2 Apr 2012

Intended only for patient receiving active and ongoing medical supervision.

Wherein the patient requires medical care on a recurring basis for, among other things, instructions on the use of medical food.

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